An article that ran in the Shelley Pioneer on June 10, 2008 gives a good overview of how The Title of Liberty organizionation came about. Download PDF here.

Our Mission

We are united in remembering and promoting God, freedom, family, faith and peace by raising The Title of Liberty Standard in all of its forms throughout the land.

The Title of Liberty™ organization promotes the belief that citizens of free nations can only maintain their liberty by living true principles and by being a moral people. The Founders of the United States of America understood these principles of liberty and drafted a constitution that secured the perpetual liberty of the people so long as they remained moral people and elected virtuous leaders. They sacrificed and laid down their lives for the principles of liberty that many of us have forgotten.

There are many of us who sense things are changing rapidly in the moral soundness of our society. We sense that something precious is being taken away from us and perhaps don’t know what to do about it. We are busy working, raising families, and participating in other worthwhile activities. What can we do? We can express our values by raising our banners and our standards and we can learn more about the principles of liberty.

The American flag is the great symbol of freedom. The Title of Liberty® flag promotes the values and principles for which we believe the American flag stands. By displaying The Title of Liberty flag along side or below the American flag in our yard or office, others who share our values will know they are not alone. Our action will unite those around us and inspire others to raise their standard with ours. This seemingly small act of displaying our standards will unite and strengthen liberty all over the world. It will promote patriotism and motivate families to learn more about liberty.

If we study the Constitution of the United states of America we can know our rights and responsibilities so we can judge what is happening and know what we can do. The educational materials endorsed by The Title of Liberty are carefully selected to enhance our understanding of the principles of liberty. By educating ourselves and our children about the Founding Fathers and the intent of the Constitution they established under God, we (the people) will be able to maintain our liberty. (See NEWS AND EVENTS page)

The Title of Liberty works in the community each year to bring people together to celebrate and to learn principles of liberty, awaken our sense of patriotism, remember our past, and voice our concerns for liberty. The voice of The Title of Liberty is unobtrusive, gentle, yet bold. It is a quiet statement, but irresistibly powerful as our voices unite together!

The Title of Liberty is an educational 501-c-3 non-profit, non-denominational organization that promotes the values the United States of America, and other God-fearing, God-loving nations, were founded upon.

The Title of Liberty Organization
Based in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Contact us at (208) 522-0108 or send us an email from our Contact page.


Download PDFs:
Liberty Walk 2009 Press Release
Liberty Walk 2009 Fact Sheet
TTOL 2009 Talking Points


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