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   The Title of Liberty Flag-Raising Video

The video above was taken on Memorial Day, 2007, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The American flag, in honor of our country, is 20 x 38 feet. The Title of Liberty (TTOL) flag, in honor and remembrance of the principles of liberty, is 15 x 30 feet. The yellow banner, in honor of our troops, is about 2 x 12 feet. The flagpole is 120 feet tall and is located on what is called "Liberty Field" at the corner of West Broadway and Bellin Road in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The video was taken in a 45-mile-an-hour wind at noon when the flags were being raised from half staff to full staff.

Normally flags are not required to fly in such a strong wind. But the The Title of Liberty organization had made a commitment to fly these brand new flags all day on Memorial Day in honor of our veterans and fallen solders and in memory of our country and the principles upon which it was founded. It is interesting to note that this wind began blowing early in the morning and by 6 a.m. it was whipping by at about 30 miles an hour. By noon it was sustained at about 45 miles an hour and so proceeded on into the evening, and then stopped!

The flags were raised on the flagpole promptly at 6 a.m. that day. A family of 10 held the American flag, a family of nine held the TTOL flag, and two people held the yellow banner as they were each connected to the halyard on the 120 foot flagpole. This was no small task in a 30-mile-an-hour wind. But that feat was accomplished and as the flags were being raised up the flagpole, Hap McUne played "To the Colors" on his trumpet. When the flags reached the top, all 23 of us present stood with our hands over our hearts and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. As we dropped our hands the flags were then slowly lowered to half staff as Hap played "Taps" on his shinny brass trumpet. Not a note was missed! It was pure, perfect pitch and sound. Emotions ran high at this point. Then as we stood there in silence for one minute (as the wind rushed by) in honor of our solders who have given their lives for freedom, the spirit of the occasion was overwhelming. An inspiring prayer of gratitude and thanks was offered. Our hearts were full, and with much to ponder and think about, we went home. But the wind was just getting started, increasing in speed to 45 miles an hour, which was sustained for the rest of the day.

At noon we went back to Liberty Field again to raise the flags to full staff in the 45-mile-an-hour wind. My grandson recorded the video footage with his digital camera. He took it home and added the words and The Title of Liberty song in the background (see THE SONG on this site). (Download QuickTime free to view the video.)

The next day we went out to check the damage we assumed the wind had done to the flags. As we arrived they were rolling over and around in a gentle breeze, so it was easy to assess any damage. To our amazement there were no rips, fraying or other damage. To us, this was a miracle and an inspirational experience we will never forget. We hope it will be inspiring for you as well.


Watch The Title of Liberty music video on YouTube here.


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