The flag created and distributed by The Title of Liberty™ Non-Profit Organization has deep personal meaning to those who display it. However, the singular thing that unites every flag-bearer is that these words represent cherished values that we work and pray for. Here is a short description of how this flag represents these values.


The Bell

The Liberty Bell symbolizes what happened in world history on July 8, 1776, which signaled a change in world history when it rang from the tower of Independance Hall to summon citizens to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence, eventually leading to the adoption of the United States Constitution on September 7, 1787. The Liberty Bell represents the beginnings of cherished and honored freedoms that are now enjoyed by hundred of millions of people in many nations.

The Circle of Words on the Flag

Some of the cherished and honored freedoms represented by the Liberty Bell include: the freedom to acknowledge God's laws, to protect our families, to exercise our faith according to our conscience, to live at peace, and to enjoy freedom. Thus, it is fitting that The flag's centerpiece is a Liberty Bell surrounded by a circle of words: God, family, faith, peace, and freedom.

Here is a description of each of these words:

GOD We remember and promote the truth that GOD has endowed us with certain inalienable rights; that God’s word is the basis of civil law in most free countries; and that God’s name should not be removed from public life.

FAMILY - We remember and promote the traditional FAMILY of a husband, a wife, and children.

FAITH - We remember and promote the freedom to worship God according to our FAITH and the right to be represented by public officials who acknowledge God while preventing the promotion or fostering of one faith over another.

PEACE - We remember and promote the necessity of a strong national defense for PEACE between nations and support traditional values and moral codes that promote peace and prosperity within nations such as honesty, trust, virtue, morality, goodwill, etc. These ideals allow each individual the opportunity and ability to foster PEACE within.

FREEDOM - We remember and promote FREEDOM and the right of people to protect themselves from all forms of tyranny.

The Colors on the Flag

The Liberty Bell symbol and the circle of words are placed over two colors: red and blue. The red represents the blood lost to win these freedoms. The blue represents the courage to defend freedom. The crack between the colors represents the constant determination to remember and promote these freedoms.



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